American Conservatives and Liberals—A Whiggish Tradition[1]

Mark at Durandal has some insight about the American conservatives. I truth there has been no conservative in America since 1783 when the loyalists were forced into exile and their propety was siezed. So much for liberty. Of course that is until now, with the Monarchist league about to be formed.

American Conservatives and Liberals—A Whiggish Tradition[1]

The reason behind the similarities between the American right and left can be explained by the fact they are nothing more than the two halves of the leftist Whig party. This is also why so called American “paleoconservatives” champion Edmund Burke as the father of “Anglo-American conservativism”.[2] It is true that Burke rejected the Jacobin mania, but it is hardly true that he was a true counter-revolutionary. Burke was an “Old Whig”, that is to say, he was more reserved in his progressivism than the “New Whigs” who were more overt champions of the Enlightenment doctrines. This is why a conservative liberal like Burke qualifies as a rightist conservative in Whiggish America
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Thanks and a tip of the beret to Mark Amesse.

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