The Irish Tory wrote an article about revolutions and how are lives and ideas are framed by them. As an example his first line reminds me of Hemingway's novel and the film derived from it, "For Whom the Bell Tolls". 1943. Remember reading it in high school as a classic and feeling it gave you? Why is it that monarchies and Christianity are viewed as backward and reactionary and the liberal (republican) ideals are forward and progressive?


Revolutions have this odd hold on our minds, they are romanticised in film and novel, their instigators proclaim they fight for 'freedom', or 'liberty' or 'independence'!

The reality is that violence, bloodshed and unlimited greed are the results! Those United States did not begin their existence in some sort of nirvana in 1776, a small group of heavily indebted, petty aristocrats decided to use the issue of the 'Intolerable Acts' as an excuse to rebel against their rightful King, they exaggerated the weight of the taxes that amounted to less then 1% of the GDP of the colonies, they whipped up anti-Catholic bigotry when they refereed to the decent treatment of the French colonists in Quebec by the Crown. They whipped up more bigotry and genocidal zeal when they objected to the the Proclamation line which had been set, so as to protect the Indians from unorganised and unlawful land grabs! ...more...

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