Notre Bien Amie

Louis XV, known as Louis, Duke of Anjou, was the second son born to Louis, duc de Bourgogne and Marie-Adélaïde of Savoy, after Louis, Duc de Bretagne, who was three years his senior. He was born at Versailles on February 15, 1710, while his great-grandfather Louis XIV was still on the throne. The heir to the throne was Louis XIV's only son, Louis, le Grand Dauphin, who in turn had three sons: Louis' father, who was the eldest, Philippe, Duc d'Anjou (soon to be confirmed as Philip V of Spain), and Charles, Duc de Berry. His mother, Marie-Adélaïde, was a very lively woman of whom the king was very fond, and the young couple, deeply in love with each other (quite an unusual fact at the court in Versailles), had rejuvenated the court of the old king and become the centre of attraction in Versailles. This, coupled with the existence of six male heirs (one son, three grandsons, and two great-grandsons from his oldest grandson), made the prospects of the House of Bourbon seem very bright. More here

He is viewed harshly by many historians based on his affairs with Mdme de Pompadour, and du Barry, the disasterous wars of the early 18th century, and the debt he left for his grandson Louis-August, the future Louis XVI. It is unfortunate that today few remember the name of his queen the saintly Maria Leszczyńska or his childrens names, but can remember both his mistresses.

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