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I am sorry for not posting today or even looking at the computer; my wife and I had to rush my son to the hospital after he started bleeding profusely and passing blood. Please pray for him.

Tea at Trianon has an article about some new works being produced about the Queen Martyr. She says very eloquently the truth about the revolution in France.

...People frequently ask me why I wrote Trianon. One of the reasons is that I kept encountering educated people who really thought that Marie-Antoinette said "Let them eat cake." I kept running into Catholics, including priests and nuns, who thought that Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were killed as punishment for some egregious wickedness, or at least, for unforgivable stupidity. Having read books about Louis and Antoinette since I was nine years old, I knew that not to be true; it was only after a great deal more research that I came to see how completely false is the common belief about the king and queen. But the demonization of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette in the popular mind is necessary in order to justify the excesses of the French Revolution. When people have a false and distorted view of history, then it is difficult for them to grasp the present, and almost impossible to meet the future with any kind of preparedness....more
de Brantigny


Linda said...

Hope your son is okay, we'll pray for him and your family.

elena maria vidal said...

Praying for your son, Richard.

de Brantigny said...

The bleeding has stopped. I think he will be going home soon.
Thank you Linda for your prayers,
de Brantigny

de Brantigny said...

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my son, and who is praying for him. The blledining has stopped and now comes the Endoscopy, and colonoscopy. dB