Mother Angelica Heads Back To France: "Go Repair My House

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit has an article on Mother Angelica. I remember watching Mother on the Channel 52 ( but no longer exists)out of Anahiem when we lived in California. She was and is the closest many Catholics come to any religious other than a Priest anymore.

Mother Angelica Heads Back To France: "Go Repair My House"

In late August of 2007, the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, set out to re-found their original monastery in Troyes, France. Eight sisters from our monasteries in the United States and India answered the call to come and help rebuild our 'little portion' of Notre Dame des Anges. We are most grateful to Bishop Marc Stenger for all that he has done to help us re-establish our community here. We hope you will enjoy seeing what's been happening in the last few months through this under-construction page. We will try to keep this updated until our monastery website is completed.more.

I pray that the true faith replaces some of the Masonic, and Heritcal teaching which has endured in France since 1789.

Un Foi, Un Roi, Une France.
Vive le Roi.
de Brantigny

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