Crusade of Benedict XVI

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Our Holy Father raises the hackles of the modernist left! Long live Pope Benedict XVI!!

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm.

Paolo Flores d'Arcais denounces the crusade of Benedict XVI

(Emphasis is mine)

The Italian philosopher Paolo Flores d'Arcais, editor in chief of MicroMega, deplores the speech delivered by Pope Benedict XVI in his latest encyclical.

"...The crusade goes on. The encyclical entitled 'Spe Salvi' and sent out by Benedict XVI last November 30th, ratifies and radicalises the anathema of a Catholic Church set against a modernity guilty of disobeying God and consequently hurling itself into desperate nihilism. All has been said now. Even democracy is a lie if mankind's sovereignty is not subordinate to the imperative of 'natural law', which is to say, if freedom doesn't coincide with Church ukases(1), the only authorised interpreter of this natural law and the will of God. Democracy has to be Christian, if not it will be inhuman. The mystery has finally been solved. ... Evil comes from the enlightenment, the project that strives for mankind's autonomy..."

(1) An authoritative order or decree; an edict.

Although he probably didn't mean it to come out this way philosoph has made my point. Democracy is a perversion and is by it's nature opposed to the Church and Christianity.

Vive le Roy!
de Brantigny

Please see, Paragraphs, 19-21, Spe Salvi

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