The Mystery of Durandal

In the French national epic poem the "Song Of Roland", the paladin of Charlemagne was the Count Roland. We are told of his sword named Durandal. It was said to contain in the hilt, a tooth of St Peter, a hair of St Denis and a piece of raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was said to indestructible.

Myth has it that it still exists in the wall of a castle in Rocamadour, France.

La Chanson de Roland vers 1090 "lingua romana rustica."(1) ici...

If you have the correct player you may listen to two verses in the original language, here

Note: (1) Believed to be as close as on can get to the original language of the Romans in Gaul.
de Brantigny


Mark Amesse said...

I love Old World legends and this is a new one for me, so many thanks.

de Brantigny said...

Thanks Mark. The Story of St Charlemagne has alway thrilled me since I read a story about him In the National Geographic when I was real young. (I think it came out in stone then).