Marie Antoinettes Compassion

Elena Maria Vidal is my go to person on Louis XVI and the Royal family. Here I present an interesting article from Tea at Trianon.

The Queen's Compassion

It is often forgotten that the royal family of France were seen as belonging to the people. The palace of Versailles was open to the public; anyone could enter as long as they were appropriately attired. For gentlemen this meant wearing a sword; swords could be rented at the palace gates. The tradition of freedom and openness meant that the royal family often dined surrounded by crowds of people; the princesses were required to give birth in public. Merchants set up stalls in the grand salons, selling ribbons and snuff; beggars roamed the corridors. Security did not seem to be an issue. Unfortunately, such liberality led to Marie-Antoinette being stalked by a mental patient, but she refused to have the culprit arrested. more...

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