The Maid of Orleans

Last week Fox news had a news article about Joy Behar, and her statements on the view, denouncing Saints, particularly, St Teresa of Calcutta, as mentally ill. She said that given a little prosac she probably wouldn't have heard voices.(?) Of course this is nothing new as this article from the blog Jeanne d'Arc will show. ...and the calumny continues unabated.
Sometimes A Sword...

In the season finale to the teen detective series Veronica Mars, the eponymous character is trapped inside a refrigerator and her aggressor is threatening to burn her to death. As he splashes gasoline about her improvised cell he shouts, "Want to know something about Joan of Arc, Veronica? Huh? God didn't really talk to her... It's true; I saw it on TV... You know, it was one of those historical forensics programs? They decided that she had a brain tumor. Burned alive! What a waste. She thought her death meant something, but all it meant was she was crazy! Think about that..."

Putting aside the ludicrous effrontery of a character -- particularly a character who is an actor and has worked in television -- saying something as patently silly as "It's true; I saw it on TV...", I was instantly intriqued to find out if this was based upon an actual piece of retroactive diagnosis, or if the writers merely felt that a Joan of Arc reference would have effective echoes in a scene where a teen aged girl might burn to death for proclaiming the truth as she saw it. After looking for it briefly, I can't categorically say that such a television documentary doesn't exist, but if it does, I doubt it is based upon publishable medical research.

So, as a brief piece of entertainment here tonight, I thought I'd quote from the citations of a handful of medical and psychological publications that have attempted to diagnose Joan using the techniques contemporary to the time of writing.

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