Jesuit Church Found in Maryland

This article comes from Good jesuit Bad Jesuit. I might disute the First church notion unless it is changed to "First Catholic Church in the English Colonies" as I can think of the Franciscans who attempted to convert the indians near where Jamestowne would be built, or the Jesuit French in New France, or St Augustine, etc. However, this is a good article and it is indicative of the attacks on the Church by the English Colonists who welcomed every protestant creed but the never a Catholic one.

Jesuit's Build First Catholic Church In The American Colonies
Foundation, all that's left of short-lived church. Museum attempting to rebuild Colonial structure dismantled shortly after it was built, but no one knows what it looked like...

A foundation in the shape of a Latin cross lay buried for three centuries in a Southern Maryland field, an archaeological puzzle piece thought to have been the base of a Catholic church dismantled soon after it was built. Scattered clues supported the idea of a lost church: fragments of plaster and glass unearthed nearby, a wooden tabernacle traced to a prominent family of Catholic settlers and mention of a "good brick Chappell" in the writings of one of the state's Colonial governors. more

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The church building is gone but the faith survives

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