The Idiot Box

The Idiot Box

That is what my Mom used to call it. The TV. I was born just as the use of the TV was beginning to take hold. There were radio programs on still in the evening and afternoon that you could listen to. Those were the days when your mind was the theater. Not any more. We have TV. Unfortunately for TV it still has to compete with the mind for special effects. Remember the goofy special effects TV used? The stage like props? Gone. Not that TV hadn't dulled the minds of millions, it had. Improvements were made to attract audiences TV still has to get people to watch it so they can sell advertising.

I remember my youngest would watch Disney, (back when the cast members weren't getting pregnant at 16), she would watch a cartoon and want us to replay the cartoon. The next step in the evolutionary TV trail, the DVD, had come and made its mark. She just couldnt understand the show wasn't on tape. The baby sitter of the future had arrived.

I remember when not every house had a TV. I remember when the TV was less than 12 inches corner to corner. I remember when you could get 5 stations in Chicago. WBBM Channel 2, WMAQ Channel 5, WLS Channel 7, WGN Channel 9, WTTW Channel 11 (PBS). No superstations. Late night programming ended about 1 AM. ...and there was a nightly classic movie with out sex!

Now there is practically a TV in every room. The screen is 32, 42, 52, inches corner to corner. It will hang on a wall flat. No tubes, just throw it away if it breaks. If the power goes out "What will we do!"

We might have to talk and make a cup a tea, or read a book by candle light.

As Homer would say, Doh! (No not the Homer of the Illiad) You know, Homer Simpson, Jessica Simpsons Dad.

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