Democracy in Action

Today I depart from my usual Historical articles because I have to mention the Iowa Caucus, the recent problems in Kenya and Pakistan. These are my thoughts.

The former prime minister of Pakistan was murdered, why? In the end it will come down to "She was a Woman who didn't wear a veil." and her life was ended by extremist islamists. Oh the media will make a big deal about it, saying it was because the current president/dictator was trying to retard the "Voice of the People." a la democracy. ...and did the people of Pakistan mourn? NO! they rioted in the streets and killed opposition men, women and children. Just like the mob.

Speaking of the mob, Kenya too has seen it share of democracy. The dispute centered of the count of votes, of all the votes cast there was an approximate 200,000 vote difference. So the people rioted. On Sunday the Feast of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God 50 or more people were hurded into a church and the church was burned down around them. Sophisticated electorate, huh. The opposition party is calling for new elections. Bon Chance.

Oh last but not least, The Iowa Caucus, The Hawkeye CauK-eye, the last vestige of direct democracy in the United States. (Didn't work too well for Athenians did it). For what? A prestige job in a nice office? The power to rule the world? People at your beck and call? Free airplane rides? Lets look at these fella's. The few who would be President...

Hilary, the socialist, would make the country into a spitting image of the old Yugoslavia, fractured by internal dissent, 50-75% taxes, socialized medicine, including abortion. A consummate power hungry woman. The smartest woman in the world who couldn't figure out (according to her) that her husband was having an affair in the same house they lived in. She bases her foreign policy on going with her husband to different countries, NOTE to Hillary that is called tourism, not diplomacy. She is the darling of the news media, Hollywood and the philosophs. I think of her as Madame LeFarge

Obama, Actually the newest untried member of the gang. I hate his vision, but I admire his apparent honesty. Big Government. Won the Caucus yesterday but since the media wants Hillary it will be downplayed.

Edwards, Come on! I live in NC. His two year (out of six) term in the Senate was highlighted by the incredible number of votes he missed. He made promises to certain people in the state and then didn't even bother to support measures they needed help them. So much for his constituency. He does have a nice house in Cary and a really great haircut.

Kusinich, Kerry. Non entities. Still running the races they lost in previous campaigns. CINO, both are Catholic In Name Only.

Huckabee, Evangelical minister. A straight shooter. Won the republican caucus. Used to know Hillary and Bill Clinton in Arkansas, so he knows what he is up against. If I voted and he were a Catholic it would be refreshing. But I won't and he is not so that's that. He has made a great deal about his faith group, and a little about everyone else's.

Romney, A Mormon. His views are pretty much the same as Huckabee's. 'Cept he is a Mormon. He says he won't let his personal beliefs interfere with his duties as president. Sounded a little like JFK when he said that. I suppose he meant to. Unfortunately that is not what I wanted to hear any candidate say. If his personal beliefs do not colour his duties then why have any? Goes back to democracy and owing to the people your authority and not to God. Of course his religion teaches that he will become a god when he dies*. So if he will be the god of another earth why doeshe want to be president? Let me make this clear. I do not hate Mormons, but they never come out and say what they really believe, because if they did it would sound as silly to them as it does to us. Hmmm isn't that is what Democrats do.

McCain. The Republican version of Kerry and Kucinich. He has been running since Clinton.

Thompson dropped out, threw all six of his supporters to McCain.

Pray for the Great Monarch.

de Brantigny

*"Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith"page 345.

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