The death Of Louis XVI

Due to my not posting due to illness I neglected to post on the martyrdom of His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XVI, I apologize and by way of making itright. I will redirect you to my friend Elena-Maria Vidal. From whom I borrow from all too much but her eloquence and prose is much better than mine. Read the articles listed at the end of her post as well.

January 21, Saint Agnes day, is the dies natalis of the Roi-Martyr, when two hundred and fourteen years ago, Louis XVI was taken from the Temple prison to be guillotined. more

(above left)...Coronation painting of
Louis XVI, King of France and Navarre

Vive le Roy!
Vive le Roy!
Vive le Roy!

de Brantigny


thetimman said...

Hi, I just learned of your blog when you posted on mine. Nice site. I am fairly new the French Monarchical question--do you follow the Orleans line or the (forgive me if I mislabel) the Spanish line?

de Brantigny said...

Which Blog? gunnyb1973@yahoo.com

To answer your question, I will never under any circumstances follow or be lead into supporting a desendant of the regicide and masonic Orleanist branch. Especially in the person of the one who styles himself the Duc de France.

I support and pray for the resturation of the Throneof France through Monseigneur le Prince Louis-Alphonse de Bourbon, Duc d’Anjou and Madame la Princesse Marie-Marguerite, Duchesse d’Anjou, known as Louis XX.


I hope this clears things up.


Irish Tory said...

When I grew up, in school we were told that the French Revolution was a strike for freedom, that the tyranical king and his heartless wife had been executed for their crimes. The whole culture I grew up in talked of the revolution as if it were a a positive thing, sure a few excesses, but it was for 'the people'.

I have over the last few years seen the lies I was fed, that revolution, where ever it is, is bad, bad for 'the people' good for the directors of that revolution.

Having read you blog for a good few months now, I have been enlightened as to the basic goodness and decency of Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette. I have also see the evil and malice of the revolutionaries and those who directed them.

Thank you for this, I have been a 'conservative' for most of my life, but even then many 'conservatives' accept many revolutionary ideas due to the revolutionaries and their heirs, having absolute power over this world and the organs of comunication.

thanks to the internet we can find out the truth of what is happening and what has gone before.

Keep up the enlightening work!