A republican myth, the Death of Barra, 1793

Joseph Bara repudely a member of the republican French Army and hailed as a hero by the revolution was killed this date in 1793 in action against the Royal and Catholic Army in the Vendee. Supposedly he was trapped by Royalist Forces who demanded his surrender by yelling "Vive le Roi “, he instead chose to die and in his last breath yell "Vive la République". He was 13 years old. He was alleged to have been in the 8eme Regt d'Hussards(Light Cavalry) Whose uniform would have looked simalar to this.

Touted by Robespierre in the convention paper, as a 13 year old hero, his death was used as propaganda, and his remains were placed in the Panthéon.

This propaganda by Robespierre is undoubtedly false, and used to bolster flagging morale in the convention when the members were getting nervous about the insurrection in the Vendée. What is more likely it was a youth who was killed on the Royalist side who refused to cry "Vive la République" and was killed for voicing "Vive le Roi “, or “Dieu Sauve le Roi”, and that the story was seized upon by Robespierre to further the republican cause. The convention and the person of Robespierre frequently lied when it would suit the ”cause”. The death of a child
would not have mattered a wit to Robespierre, as the suffering of the children of the Vendee, or of the Lost King Louis XVII.

His image was painted by Jacques-Louis David. It shows an effeminate youth in the pangs of death.

A link to a more republican view is found here. It is in French and English.

Vive le Roi!
Sieur de Brantigny