At the bottom of the main page of this blog I have installed a web counter with which to see how many people have viewed my blog. I would like to thank all of those who have viewed my monarchist entries. I would encourage you also to leave me a comment, be it in agreement or not (please no vulgarity).

Thus far in the 2 weeks since I installed the counter I have received hits from every continent save Antarctica, and in such places as Sweden, France, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Brazil, Ausrtalia, India, the UK, Canada, and the US.

Thank You.
Dieu sauve le Roi!



canicus said...

I keep coming back, because you frequently have articles of interest for me. So, the thanks operate in reverse for putting up good articles :).

Linda said...

I am Swedish and read your blog daily. I am especially interested in what you write about the French Revolution, Antoinette and Louis XVI etc. and that's what caught my attention in the first place. Though I enjoy reading everything else on your site too. If I could come with an suggestion I would very much like that your blog is updated every day. It's such a bummer when I visit your site and nothing's new since yesterday. (Hope you will excuse my somewhat terrible English, as I said I'm Swedish, and therefore I do not use English that often.)

de Brantigny said...

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. I try to publish something each day, unfortunately my schdule does not alway pemit that. I try not to publish on Sundays, only in emergencies, such as the Reine-martyr's birth.
Thank you very much, and
Takk du(?).
(is that right?)

Linda said...

"Tack du", is how you spell it, and it means "Thank you", but in Sweden we more often say just "Tack" or "Tack så mycket" (latter = thank you very much).