Les Tricoteuses

Elena Maria Vidal writes at Tea at Trianon about another facit of the terror; Les tricoteuses. They remind me of the Harpies in Jason and the Argonauts, taking pleasure in death.

Les Tricoteuses were the women who sat around the guillotine, keeping track of the number of executions with their knitting. They embodied the Terror of the French Revolution, for they seemed to be drawn to the blood and the violence, so consumed were they by hatred. When women are out for blood, they can be more ruthless than men, and far more cruel. Most of les tricoteuses, "the knitters," were simple and ignorant women, manipulated both by their own passions and by the leaders of the various factions. The manipulation was facilitated by famine, war and social chaos, all of which spiraled out of control amid the violence of the Revolution. more...

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