Don't Blame the Traditionalists, part 2

I have to say this.

Elena-Maria, has written me and commented on my redirect to her site, that she has received a great deal of comments (read hatemail) which were, to say the least not in the spirit of Holy Mother Church. Suprisingly many of these comments were from members of her own parish. I am deeply grieved. One would expect to be persecuted by members of a different faith community or different eclesiatical community, but by members of ones own parish, is unthinkable.

Ok, here is the big picture. The way you believe is the way you pray. This is not the way Catholics pray. It is the way Muslims pray. If you wish to pray like a Muslim be a Muslim, and depart in peace. It is not a matter of being ecumenical it is a matter of the proper attitude in the Presence of the Living God. Muslims, do not believe this. Trying to make an Eucharistic Adoration into a Jumah is WRONG.

I am at your service.
de Brantigny

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