On the Annniversary of the death of Madame Royale

The Duchess of Angouleme
...entered into Paradise this date at Frohsdorf in Austria-Hungary in 1851.

Marie-Therese-Charlotte de France, Madame Royale, known after her marriage as the Duchesse d'Angouleme. May her Soul be at peace in busom of God and amongst her family.

It is unimaginable how she must have felt at the loss of her entire family snatched from her during her youth when her future seemed bright and full of hope. She never lost her Faith, never asked God why, and she accepted her cross and carried it with dignity in preparation for her own entrance into Heaven.

A short article about Madame la Duchesse in her later years may be found here by one more eloquent than I...

Vive Madame Royale!

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