Russian NGO suggest shift back to monarchy

...And now if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.... from Interfax

Moscow, September 14, Interfax - The Russian NGO For the Faith and the Fatherland suggests gradual shift to monarchy in Russia.

'The precociously declared Russian republic failed to save our nation from tumult and bloody dictatorship. The modern attempts to replant American or Western European institutions of democracy into the Russian soil will fail too,' the NGO said in a statement received by Interfax on Friday.

'So if we do not want to repeat our history's mistakes, we should stop seeing monarchy as an historical anachronism and reconsider possibilities for gradual passage from republic to monarchy, may be in a constitutionally restricted shape, as a form of government,' they said.

On Friday, September 14, when the State Dume will decide on a new prime minister, the NGO said, there will be 90th anniversary of 'one of the most crucial events in Russian history,' the statement said.

90 years ago the Russian Provisional Government declared Russia a republic. Therewith, the NGO said, the government 'committed a coup d'etat so there is little reason to consider Alexander Kerensky and his clique to be more legal government of Russia than the Bolsheviks who came next,' the statement added.

'Today's Russian elite mentions monarchy only in a historic context with no connection to real life. Yet if we consider realities of the modern Russian politics more carefully, the aforementioned position would not look so strong,' it said.

According to the statement, the modern Russian model of transmission of power rather resembles the system of Emperor Peter the Great, who in turn copied the Roman imperial model. This model may be called 'transmission of power by testament' which of course is not the same as 'transmission by kinship' normally practices in European monarchies and, later, in Russia.'

'However we may be sure that the Russian ruling elite would accept revival of monarchical institutions smoothly,' the statement authors said.

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