Next week on the 6th instant, will be the 214 annversary of the martyrdom of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre (French:Reine de France et de Navarre. I will present until then the several facets of the Queen Martyr, its effect on France an the world and on her eldest daughter Madame Royale

Born November 2, 1755(1755-11-02) at the Hofburg Palace,Vienna, Austria
Martyred October 16, 1793 (aged 37) Paris, France
Consort May 10, 1774–September 21, 1792 Consort to Louis XVI
Children Princesse Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte,called Madame Royal, Louis-Joseph the first Dauphin, died of tuberculosis, Louis XVII (the Lost King)died in prison probably of mistreatment, torture, undernourishment, and disease, Sophie Hélène Béatrix died in infancy
Royal House Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Empress Maria Theresa of Austria

What follows is the modern version written in the wikipedia about her after her death.

Marie Antoinette (German: Maria Antonia von Österreich; French: Marie Antoinette d'Autriche; November 2, 1755 – October 16, 1793), born Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria (German: Erzherzogin Maria Antonia von Österreich), and later becoming Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre (French: Marie Antoinette, reine de France et de Navarre) (pronounced mari ee ann twanet), was the Queen consort of France, as the wife of Louis XVI. She was the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. She was a direct descendant of powerful European royalty, including Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille, to whom she can trace her ancestry back through both her parents. At age fourteen she was married to the future Louis XVI, and was the mother of "the lost Dauphin" Louis XVII. Marie Antoinette is perhaps best remembered for her legendary (and, some modern historians say, exaggerated) excesses, and for her death: she was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in 1793, for the crime of treason. more

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