The Lost King of France, by Deborah Cadbury

I received a gift of this book from my wife for my 52nd birthday. I had been following the dscovery and DNA testing in France and Belguim. This book is a treasure trove of information concerning the imprisonment of the Royal family. The martyrdom of the King and the Queen. The seperation of the Dauphin, and Madame Royale followed by the Martyrdom of the the Princese Elizabeth.

Deborah Cadbury has extensively researched the imprisonment, abuse, mental torture, and neglect of the 9 year old Dauphin resulting in his death. Every parent will have tears well up in their eyes as they read of the deplorable circumstances of
Louis-Charles death.

I thoroughly promote this book as a valuable reseource and history of a noble and royal family. It may be purchased here...

Enternal rest grant unto him O Lord.

de Brantigny


Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to blog; you have a most worthy site, an oasis.

btw: I had the le-grande privilege as some would say of kneeling at the tomb of the boy-king at St.Denis 2 years ago. St.Denis is incredibly moving by the sheer weight of its history and the personages therein; sadly it is now surrounded by mohammedans.

de Brantigny said...