Grace Elliot

I have reported on previous article and communications on the French Film "Le Duc et l"Anglais. Here is a short biography of the heroine in real life. When I first read this some time ago I thought to myself, "Hmm. Just another courtesan." As I read further I realized she is not so unlike many women who are idealized today, and she was a darn sight better than many hollywood stars are today as well. She has an interesting biography, here...

She was not a classic beauty unlike Marie-Antoinette, and she has a rather typical English visage.

Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1754? - 1823) was a Scottish courtesan who was resident in France at the time of the French Revolution and an eyewitness to events. She was once mistress of the Duke of Orléans, who was cousin to King Louis XVI. She was arrested and held awaiting death by guillotine but was released after the death of Robespierre. She wrote an autobiographical account of her experiences entitled Ma Vie Sous La Révolution published posthumously in 1859.

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