From the New Oxford Review. 40 years ago this would not even be the subject of a letter in a Catholic magazine (I refer to the US Catholic.). There may be many of you who would disagree with the "Catholic" part but never fear, there are a few "Catholic " magazines which I read but very few which are nothing more that either a mouthpeice for one political party or the other, or which border on scism or on heresy. The New Oxford Review started off as a Anglican paper, and turned Catholic soon after. As the man says, it is "not conservative , nor liberal, just orthodox."

Blessed Are the Shack-Ups

The June 2007 issue of U.S. Catholic magazine contains an article titled "A Betrothal Proposal." It is written by Michael J. Lawler and Gail S. Risch, who are described as "two respected family ministry researchers" at the "Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University, Nebraska, where they also teach theology." The article's headline asks, "Are cohabiting Catholics always ‘living in sin'?" Lawler and Risch's answer has two parts: (1) not always, and (2) let's change the rules so that they never are...more

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