The Sun King

"Louis XIV fell in love with Versailles and Louise de La Valliere at the same time; Versailles was the love of his life..." so begins one of my most cherished books in my library.

The book is by Nancy Mitford, one of the the Mitford sisters which encluded Unity, Jessica, and Diana, two devoted Facists and the last being a diehard Communist.

The book is a facinating compilation of trivia as well as a biography. Her writing projects the reader into the period and presents a sense of being there as if she herself witnessed everything first hand, from the King's mistresses, to the poisonings, to each of his children and relations. It is well worth reading and will round out any library of French History.

I originally bought this tome in the mid 1970's and I have never lost my interest in its pages. Indeed I have become lost in it's pages from time to time..

It is on sale here

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