Pius XII: Sourcing the Slanders

From Taki's top drawer. March 06, 2007, by Paul Cella

The release of documents long buried in the various archives of the expired Communist tyrannies that once lay behind the Iron Curtain is still a source of scandal. A Polish archbishop recently resigned upon disclosure of his collaboration with the Commies. It is expected that more disclosures will prompt more resignations in Church and State alike. And lately we have heard from the former Romanian spymaster Ion Mihai Pacepa that Communist machinations were integral to the hate campaign against Pius XII which began a few years after his death—and has continued in the Anglo-American press ever since. “Dead men cannot defend themselves” was the watchword, and the method was to associate Pius XII and the Catholic Church with an ideology which was one of the Church’s greatest enemies, National Socialism. More

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