Democracy versus Monarchy part 1

I have been asked why, I, once the conservative, should now be an utterly unrepentant Monarchist, who prays daily for the King of France in the person Of Louis XX to reclaim his throne and usher into existance a new awakening of the Spirit of the Catholicism in the world.

This is a hard question to answer, considering how I was brought up in the ideals of democracy being the best form of government ever devised. (sarcasm, dear sarcasm) This realization came to me slowly and over a great deal of time. Since my youth and (I hope I am not too old yet) I have seen the changes sweep over the country like a locust devouring everthing in their path in the name of misguided tolerance. Anything is OK as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. I have seen politians beat their breast and say "I work for the people" and "We need to get back to the peoples business." Just what is the people's business? " In another sense, today almost everyone is for democracy. It has become a euphemism for the best regime. Few governments in the past century have not wanted to call themselves “democracies” or “republics.” “People’s republics” are not uncommon. Most tyrants claimed the banner of democracy."

Yet are they really for THE people, I say no. It is because in a democracy the majority have the power to infuence the minority based on their ideals and moral foundation. Even in this government where the supposed checks and balances are intended to function to preserve rights and freedoms they have gone critically bad. For example, lets imagine that the congress has ruled that people with blue eyes are not worthy of life by a domcratic means. That would be sorry news to me and most of my grandchildren. Yet by a simple majority my rights and life would be in question. So I take it to court, and I found my way to the supreme court. ...And by a majorty vote they decided that the congress had been constitutionally correct. I could be killed.

Never happen you say. Hmmm, OK, in 1973 5 out of 9 Supreme Court judges found a right to abortion in the 4th amendment. 5 out of 9. And abortion now stands. Millions of unborn babies have perished. You see these judges saw "the people" as their final arbiter of right and wrong and moralty. We as Americans have relinquished our "authority" to 9 men and women. We had no right to do so. We will be the ones who are judged for this.

Truth is God is the supreme arbiter, no politian, no president, no judge would have any power where it not given them by God. They forget this on a daily basis, and believe that Gods Authority to govern first desends to the people and then up to the government. That is like God giving children authority to let parents to raise them. How abstract that is.

I realized that the authorty of a parent desends from God to me to be a father to my children. This is a microcasm of Gods plan. God reigns over humanity, HIS authority desends to the Pope, and King, and parent. We are responsible to GOD alone in this. When we rely on the governed to be in charge they invariably make bad decisions. In an effort to please everyone no one is pleased. It is impossible for politians to make a moral or just decision as long as they feel the need to pander to their constituancy.

Dieu Sauve le Roi.

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