August 10, 1792

This is a dark day in the memory of the world. Overshadowed perhaps only by the Crucifixion of our Savior on Calvary.

Elena Maria Vidal has an article on her blog about this darkest of all days.

"August 10, 1792 , the Feast of St. Laurence the Martyr, saw the fall of the French monarchy, the massacre of the Swiss Guards and the beginning of the Reign of Terror. Madame Royale gave a detailed account in her Memoirs of the royal family's flight from the Tuileries to the National Assembly, of the long, agonizing hours trapped in the stenographer's box, and the imprisonment in the Temple prison."

A narritive (which is quite complete) of MARIE-THÉRÈSE de France,
Duchesse d'Angouleme
can be found here.

Vive Le Roi.

Richard, Sieur de Brantigny (dit) Boisvert

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