Ginger cheesecakes with yuzu glaze

I found this in a blog called Tartelettes. Being French, cooking, baking and eating is a cultural thing, or so I have found watching Ratatouille... "Of course the finest Chefs are French"... If you are hungry this will hurt you.

Looking at your comments I can tell that cheesecakes stimulate your appetites. I also feel the need to explain that I bake "constantly": sometimes for us or the neighbors, and a lot for special orders. I "rescued" the cheesecake in the picture from a larger order for a friend's dinner party with her in-laws. I bake at odd times, whenever I get the chance, and I have a whole shelf of the fridge reserved for prep work full batters, baked sheet cakes, genoises, dacquoise, egg whites, creams and all the tralalas...There is no telling when Old Chef is going to call me or when stangers email me for cakes. My job at the gym is only part time so I can keep practicing my first job. This said back to the cheesecakes...

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